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DAniel Holsomback

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These are difficult times. There has never been a greater divide between social acceptance and the doctrine of the church than there is today. We have many challenges ahead of us that will undoubtedly bring us the persecution we dread with those we may call our neighbors. The lure is strong for compromise, but the call and commission are greater.

These are desperate times. The liberal agenda is pushed through education systems that lead our future generations away from the truths they were taught as children. They are leaving in droves or attending with contempt. We need answers for them that are deeper and unshakable by worldly deceptions.


These are dangerous times. The modern church is compromising to avoid the threat of elimination and to ensure its survival. If we are not careful, we will lose, even if we survive. We may continue to examine our methods, but never change our doctrine.


Lori and I know that the solutions to these issues will not come easy and possibly some of the most challenging days for the church may be ahead of us. However, we are committed to seek Christ and the truth of His Word to provide guidance and direction for the church for as long as God allows. We are eager to lovingly serve the members of FBC Pine Prairie and the community of Pine Prairie while providing a vision for ministry that will face every challenge head on. We are confident in Christ’s promise that: “the gates of Hades shall not overcome it (the church)” found in Matthew 16:18 and we are not afraid of the opposition that may be ahead. We are confident in God’s promises and we are dedicated to being steadfast in the greatest tradition of the church, making disciples.


Daniel Holsomback,

Senior Pastor